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Pressure washing a large commercial building is no small feat. It involves complex tools, straps, cables, lift cranes, and plenty of manpower. Commercial Pressure Washing Co. has all of these and then some. If the exterior of your business establishment could use a good cleaning, give us a call.

We’ll get the building looking shiny and new, which in turn leads to higher curb appeal and–hopefully–more customers coming through the doors. Contact Commercial Pressure Washing Co. for more details about building cleaning in Los Angeles, CA.

Why Pressure Wash A Whole Building?

Commercial Pressure Washing Co. always recommends pressure washing an entire building, even if only certain areas look dingy or dirty. That’s because grime, dirt, mildew, and other buildups don’t just sit on the surface.

Sure, you can see the dark streaks down the sides of your building. But there’s also a good chance that there’s unseen dirt, mold, and mildew lurking under the surface. If you only power washes certain areas, it will eventually come back.

Plus, pressure washing the entire building gives it an all-over clean look. This is especially important if your business is customer-facing. You want potential customers to see a sparkling clean building, even from the street.

A Dirty Façade Looks Bad; It’s Also Unhealthy

It isn’t just dirt from those Santa Ana winds that get caked on your business’ high walls. It’s also stuff like mold, mildew, and bird droppings. None of these are conducive to the good health of either customers or employees.

Commercial Pressure Washing Co. always sees to it that your building is free of these unsightly and unhealthy façade elements.

Elevate Your Curb Appeal

You’ve probably been hesitant to go inside a dirty building. Picture this: You’re wearing your best suit and tie to attend an important meeting. A deal is about to be struck–or so your team and their team hopes. But already there’s a problem: Their team’s headquarters looks old and dingy. The building just isn’t clean. First impression: Negative.

The good people at Commercial Pressure Washing Co. could have prevented this outcome. We would have pressure washed their establishment and given it a much-needed face-lift. If you want to make sure that your company’s first impression is always a positive one, give us a call.

We’re Top-tier Professionals

At Commercial Pressure Washing Co., we like to say that we’re peerless. We back this up with results. Plus, we have the experience and manpower to get any job done–no matter how big or small it may be.

We understand that first impressions are important in the business world. That’s why we always go the extra mile to make sure that your building is clean and sparkling.

For all your commercial pressure washing needs, give Commercial Pressure Washing Co. a call today.

What’s Involved in Building Washing Services?

Building washing is a fairly involved process. Our team will need to assess the building to see how many stories it is, what type of siding it has, and what kind of dirt and grime has built up over time.

After that, we’ll create a game plan and schedule. The next step is to show up with our pressure washing equipment and get to work.

Depending on the size of the building, it could take several hours or even days to complete the job. But we’ll work as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can get back to business as usual.

If you’re ready to get started, contact Commercial Pressure Washing Co. today. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and give you a free quote.

And How About The Front Walk?

Ah, we mustn’t forgo a good pressure wash here. For any large building, we can also pressure wash (or power wash using hot water) parking garages, apartment/condominium complexes, office and industrial parks, medical complexes, and even stadiums.

It really comes down to what kind of cleaning you need and what the job site is. Rest assured, Commercial Pressure Washing Co. can handle it all.

If your business is located anywhere in the Los Angeles area–including Orange County–give us a call at 310-997-4756.

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